5 tried & tested tips on how to find the good eats anywhere in the world

Where to eat today? HMMMMMM…

There have been a few people who have asked me how do I get to know where to eat when The Husband and I travel. To them, we seem to stumble upon the place’s best eating places. I concur that we do.

One thing is for sure: finding good eats is usually, or around 95%, no accident.

I’ve gathered all of my best practices, which are pretty simple and highly doable, to share with y’all. Are you ready with your pen and paper?

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On US non-working holidays

This weekend will be another one of those few long weekends here in the US.

It is Labor Day (the 1st Monday of September) weekend when workers, except those working in the health care, food, hospitality and retail industries (and all other industries that require 24/7 operations), get to enjoy an extra day off from the daily grind.

When I say “few” long weekends or holidays, I mean this is relative to what I have been used to in the Philippines, which enjoys around 18 non-working holidays per year.

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Homemade small batch sauerkraut recipe

Never imagined fermenting could be so easy

I was in a pickle then. Like I am on most days.

I don’t know if I am like most housewives. I am often in a frenzy of things: cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, folding clothes and more cleaning, but there are days that I just slouch on the couch and stare into space. Oh lovely space across our apartment.

I stare into space on days when I am exhausted, on days when I just have run out of things to do, on days when I just want to be.

On those seemingly empty, meaningless times, I somehow manage come up with the most brilliant small projects one at home could tackle. Like making more homemade stuff as if The Husband and I were not up to our ears with homemade goodness.

So I learned how to make sauerkraut.

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Amaretto Asim (Sour): An easy recipe

What you need for an awesome libation

I have a favorite cocktail, my go to whenever I don’t feel like chugging down a carb loaded bottle of beer. Not that I’m all that carb counting conscious. I try.

Operative word: try.

And since, like most other things, going out here in the US is pretty expensive. So like, our food, we try as much as possible to replicate these things at home. And I am so glad that I cracked an easy peasy way to make my all time favorite Amaretto Sour.

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PUBLISHED ON RAPPLER: Long distance love: A letter to the one I left behind

Leaving is never easy

So this is how it feels to leave someone behind.

I used to think it was easy, seeing how you’d come and go, months at a time, for the past three years, three months and two days.

How come you make it look so easy?

Days before that fateful day, the ache of leaving you behind started to creep in. But on the day I left, as you dropped me off the airport, I was numb.

Or I thought I was.

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Food Lovers Haven: Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore in New York City

A little gem of a bookstore

I’m usually a stickler for cheaper products and services. Not that cheap is always good, but I look for more value for money more than anything else. But sometimes I don’t mind paying a little premium to get better service.

And in the realm of bookstores, anything related to cooking and eating, Kitchen Arts & Letters is worth the time (and money) out of a short NYC visit.

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El Pescador Fish Market in La Jolla Cove, San Diego, CA

Seafood mural outside and inside

We stumbled into La Jolla Cove, San Diego not knowing that the hunger grumbles would hit hard. Maybe it was we had too much fun walking around and stalking the cute seals of the cove.

We had no idea where to eat as we didn’t do any prior research (which I usually do) plus The Husband’s phone was dying. Good thing we walked some more and saw this small little shop, El Pescador Fish Market, where the lines of people extended out onto the 4-car parking lot.

And when there’s a line, it definitely must be good.

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