7 tips on how to make the most of watching the NBA live

2011 NBA Champs

Time flies fast and it is now almost NBA season! The first game of the season on October 28 is actually a Texas showdown: defending NBA champs San Antonio Spurs versus our very own Dallas Mavericks. Hooha!

Last year, The Husband and I were able to support our home team with a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. I don’t know if we had balats on our pwets (i.e. birthmarks on our derrieres, which supposedly bring bad luck) maybe that’s why the Mavs lost?

Hopefully this year, we’d be able to enjoy another game live. Here are some lessons we’ve learned on how to make the most out of watching a live NBA game:

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Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbeque in Kansas City, MO

Home of “fancy schmancy” BBQ

There is something so primal about barbecue: cooking meat with wood, that makes you want to lose the utensils. Every time we visit a barbecue joint, expect me to roll up my sleeves, wiggle my fingers and just dive into the abyss of deliciousness.

Barbecue is primal and just an easy going eating ritual. Nothing fancy as barbecue joints are designed like wood sheds with tables, chairs and a cashier. You usually eat your smoked meat on butcher paper or disposable plates. You can even come in your pajamas if you wanted to!

So when we came into one of Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue locations in Kansas City, lo and behold! There were romantic dim lights, black leather booths and table and silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin no less. Gasp!

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Lessons from my first US dentist appointment

Two weeks ago, I had my first brush with US dental care.

TMI (i.e. Too much information) you say? Why would you need to know about my visit to the dentist? Have I never visited a dentist ever?

Wait hear me out. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience. Dentist offices, in as much as we’d like them to be the same, are not.

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The story of Midnight, my part-time pet cat

Hi handsome one.

I love cats. We’ve had at least one back home.

At least one?

Well, we couldn’t have enough. I remember how my sister and I would pick up strays from school, from the swimming pool and from around the neighborhood and bring them home, clean them up and love them for as long as they live. A tradition carried on by our younger siblings until today. This is apart from the litters of cuteness brought forth into the world by our regal matriarch cat, Snowball, an outdoor cat. God bless her furry old soul.

But with myself and The Husband moving around, pets are not yet in the very near future, especially cats. Though they are a lot easier to take care of versus dogs, cats will not be part of our wee family mainly because The Husband has not crossed over to the cat side of things yet.


Then, one late evening with The Husband fast asleep, to our apartment patio came a cat black as the night, lost and hungry. A tiny bell strung around his equally black collar, tinkled as he moved. His coat felt as smooth as silk as it rubbed its body against my calves.

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Chicken Annie’s in Pittsburg, KS

Stuck in another decade…established in 1934!

I’ve heard one too many talk shows discussing the joy of eating cold {insert viand here}. Well, they talk mostly about how great scarfing down cold pizza and cold fried chicken is.

I am a stranger to the joys of eating cold food that’s meant to be eaten warm or hot. I always make it a point to heat my food, except most icing cakes, ice cream, Filipino style champurrado and other such sweet dishes or cold sandwiches, in the microwave, on the stovetop or in the oven. I throw The Husband dagger looks of disgust whenever he eats Chinese food in the styrofoam container straight from the refrigerator.

The horrors!

But I must say that there is one viand that I could bear eating cold: the fried chicken from Chicken Annie’s in Pittsburg, Kansas.

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The carpet conundrum

I’ve always thought that carpet floors are only for the rich. I remember visiting homes with their velvet soft, warm carpets and airconditioned rooms that I thought I could lie down on and have a deep dreamless sleep. Oh, how their feet were probably so relaxed, threading on cloudlike softness all the time.

But now that we have carpet floors, I now understand why this style of flooring is for the rich in the Philippines (but it really isn’t here in the US).

Carpets are a pain in the ass to maintain. Carpets are a bane to my housewifely existence.

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Avocado: Fruit or vegetable?

To me, avocado is a fruit. It always was and always will be.

Back home, we slice it open, remove the pit, scoop out the buttery flesh, lightly mash it, drizzle a generous amount of condesed milk, add ice cubes and place in the freezer to cool. It one of the simplest yet most indulgent desserts one could ever have. Sometimes we even whizz it in the blender with milk, sugar and ice to make it a shake.

Even in Dubai, the avocado shake is one of the most popular fare at the juice bars.

Avocadoes have never ventured to the vegetal, savory side of the food spectrum…until Texas happened.

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On this last day of summer

So happy to say goodbye to summer!

Summer to Americans is all about being out, basking in the sunshine, chilling at the pool, at the beach or at the lake while getting a nice golden tan (which is more like red as a lobster if you’re caucasian). Of course, to those with children, its all about the grand summer vacation: road trips, Disneyland, Hawaii, Mexico, etc.

To me, summer is all about hiding in the shade, enjoying the comfort of air conditioning with an ice cold glass of water in hand. Maybe I’ve had my fair share of sunshine coming from a tropical archipelago and the arid city on sand or, I can’t say it enough, but summers in Texas are DAMN HOT.

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The Czech Stop in West, Texas

Must stop at THE Czech stop

I’ve never had a knack for history. It was one of the most boring subjects in school ever. Total snoozefest. Or maybe I just was not blessed with that teacher, the kind that would hook you to a subject.

I’ve only picked up the interest in history when I found myself abroad, trying to make sense of why people – from different parts of the world – are the way they are, why food stuffs are such and because The Husband is a history nut. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

So I don’t know anything about the history of Texas, except the story of “The Alamo” from the movie (which I vaguely remember) and the story of this little kolache bakery along the Interstate-35 if you are travelling from Dallas moving south towards Austin, San Antonio or Houston.

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