Street Art in Chinatown-Little Italy, NYC

Art not just inside museums

The first time we drove into New York City via the Holland Tunnel, I hated it. The streets were narrow, full of grime, spit, candy wrappers, plastic bags and dirt puddles. A black rental town car swerved from the right to the far left end of Canal Street, hitting the Toyota Camry that was on a stand still. The town car driver stepped out and started cursing at the Toyota Camry’s driver.

Tempers flared from the cars behind us, honking madly, demanding our car to fly over the altercation between the town car and the Camry. Well, sorry bud; we still ain’t in that future.

Oh, we’re really in the big city. What’s so great about New York City anyway?

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The Slow Bone Barbeque in Dallas, TX

I do enjoy traveling, but after weeks of being away, all I want is to stay put. It’s been a month since The Husband been back in Texas and I am pretty darn happy about it.

One of the good things I do love Texas is the great barbeque. Albeit worlds apart from the Filipino definition of barbeque, which is more grilling over charcoals, Texas style barbeque imparts a different smokiness and sweetness to the meat from slow smoking it for hours on end. And the meat is so flavorful that putting sauce is almost a sin.

Because here, they do it right. Being the meat lovers that we are, The Husband and I looooooove Texas for their barbeque.

One of the notable places in the DFW metroplex is The Slow Bone.

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PUBLISHED ON RAPPLER: OFW in Dubai: Life isn’t as glamorous as it seems

The Burj Al Arab 7-star hotel: The one that put the glitzy city on the world map

When I first arrived in Dubai, I thought that all OFWs were rolling in the dough and living the high life that the glitzy desert city was all about.

I sat in the back of our friend’s newly bought American brand SUV that early morning, jetlagged. “Finally! Welcome to Dubai!” he exclaimed, keeping his eyes on the road, while handing me a nondescript plastic bag. I didn’t expect a welcome gift since picking up my husband and me at the airport at an ungodly hour was more than enough of a gift already. I opened the bag and saw it was an ultra HD portable camera.

Later that morning, my husband drove me to the nearest medical testing center as all Dubai visa holders were required to be tested for tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV. And everyone from all corners of the world, who was waiting for his turn, was donning polo shirts with thoroughbreds, crocodiles and laurel wreaths and lugging bags emblazoned with monograms and gold insignias. The deafening medical laboratory silence was broken with pings and bleeps from the mobile phone-of-the-moment owned by the Filipino nurse, who drew my blood.

Even later that evening, my husband and I met up with his friends for dinner and coffee. And everyone was teasing him to get a one of those monogrammed and insignia-ed bags as a wedding gift.

Apparently, every telecom engineer’s wife in Dubai had one.

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Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken Memphis, TN

Please do eat at Gus’s when you’re in Memphis TN

Americans looooooooove to exagerrate.

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much American TV and too often I’ve heard these lines on my usual channels: the Food Network, Travel Channel or TLC:
“I’ve died and gone to (insert food item here) heaven!”
“That’s freakin’ INSANE!”
“The best thing I have ever had”
“Its better than my mother’s cooking…Sorry Mom.”
“Its a religious experience!”
“Best (insert food item here) in the world!”

So you’ve actually eaten the world, the skeptic me would ask in my head.

But I think I’ve eaten the best fried chicken in the world (at least in the countries I’ve visited so far) is right here in America. It is rightly so that the place has the words “world famous” in its name. Because they should be world famous. They really do deserve to be world famous.

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