The Slow Bone Barbeque in Dallas, TX

I do enjoy traveling, but after weeks of being away, all I want is to stay put. It’s been a month since The Husband been back in Texas and I am pretty darn happy about it.

One of the good things I do love Texas is the great barbeque. Albeit worlds apart from the Filipino definition of barbeque, which is more grilling over charcoals, Texas style barbeque imparts a different smokiness and sweetness to the meat from slow smoking it for hours on end. And the meat is so flavorful that putting sauce is almost a sin.

Because here, they do it right. Being the meat lovers that we are, The Husband and I looooooove Texas for their barbeque.

One of the notable places in the DFW metroplex is The Slow Bone.

Like most barbeque places, the place is intimate and nothing fancy schmancy, so you come as you are. I still suggest that you come in clothes that you prefer not to smell. The barbeque aroma will stick to your clothes.

Slow Bone BBQ meats of the day and platters to choose from

Line up, cafeteria style, and pick your meat. If you’re there to try, best to get the 3-meat sampler, which comes with your choice of meats and a handful of sides.

Get the Texas trinity – beef brisket, pork ribs and links, also known as sausages. And when you say “brisket”, say “fatty”, then you’ll see their eyes light up, recognizing that you’re in the know of what Texas barbeque is about. Again, with meat, fat is our friend because it is flavor and moisture.

Even the plates are cafeteria style

In particular, I love Slow Bone for their pork ribs. Its savory, sweet and with a nice strong kick of heat, one that I’ve never tasted in other barbeque joints. Its not the kind of heat that slaps you in the face, but the kind that caresses you and finds that comfy spot in your arms to snuggle into. It grows on you…in a really good way.

Oh, and don’t miss out the pickle bar. Their chow-chow (no, not Chow-chow the dog!) reminds me a lot of Filipino atsara, tangy with a sweet finish.

Award winning Texas BBQ here!

I wish I could talk more about the sides too; but, then again, we’re in Texas, so it is all about the meat!

Thank God we’re back in Texas!

The Slow Bone

2234 Irving Avenue

Dallas, TX 75207

Open Mondays through Sundays, 11AM to 3PM or until BBQ supplies last

+1 (214) 377-7727

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  1. says

    I thought they cooked dogs with the ‘chow chow’ part lol! That’s the kind of food every person wants, simple, honest and comforting! I wish we have those Texan style bbq here in Manila, the only place I know that serves those kind of meals are in Subic. Soooooo farrrr

    • says

      After tasting the real thing, I am curious if they do it right sa Subic. Must be smoked slow and low with wood and NOT grilled. I’ve learned here na malaki difference ng smoking vs grilling.

  2. evelyn says

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a biracial Fil-Am, born and raised in the Philippines. I have resided in Okla. closed to Dallas area and my husband and I still remember how different, but, so yummy the bbq tasted in that part of the US.