Street Art in Chinatown-Little Italy, NYC

Art not just inside museums

The first time we drove into New York City via the Holland Tunnel, I hated it. The streets were narrow, full of grime, spit, candy wrappers, plastic bags and dirt puddles. A black rental town car swerved from the right to the far left end of Canal Street, hitting the Toyota Camry that was on a stand still. The town car driver stepped out and started cursing at the Toyota Camry’s driver.

Tempers flared from the cars behind us, honking madly, demanding our car to fly over the altercation between the town car and the Camry. Well, sorry bud; we still ain’t in that future.

Oh, we’re really in the big city. What’s so great about New York City anyway?

Dirty streets yes. But with loads of art

Later that week, I set out on my own in the Big City. I dropped by the Serious Eats office and shared meals & stories of life abroad with exclusive girls’ school classmates and previous office acquaintance turned friend. Friends have told me that the best way to see most of the city was to take the subway. Though I beg to differ, its not how many tourist sites you can selfie with; but how many steps you can take, how many blocks you can walk with your eyes wide open.

Because in New York City, the devil is in the beautiful details. It really is.

So I now flood this post with just some of the unbelievable art I’ve seen on the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy (the two neighborhoods are, well, neighbors).

Can you read this?

I think that fellow expat blogger Curry Strumpet saw this same piece too!



If I didn’t look down, I would never have seen this

I wouldn’t have seen all of those if I took the subway instead of walking.

Street art found all around Chinatown & Little Italy

Just walk and keep your eyes open for anything and everything :-)

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  1. says

    The last time I was in NY was more than 10 years ago and I miss it! It was love at first sight on my first visit and more so on my 2nd…what can I say, I am a city girl! Love love love your photos…and I totally agree, walk is the way to go! I think in all great places you can see and experience so much by simply taking a walk :)

    • says

      I think the walking really depends on where you’re at. There are a lot of places here in the US that are NOT walker friendly and you do need a car to get around. Hehehe! But I do wish all places are friendly on foot.