Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken Memphis, TN

Please do eat at Gus’s when you’re in Memphis TN

Americans looooooooove to exagerrate.

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much American TV and too often I’ve heard these lines on my usual channels: the Food Network, Travel Channel or TLC:
“I’ve died and gone to (insert food item here) heaven!”
“That’s freakin’ INSANE!”
“The best thing I have ever had”
“Its better than my mother’s cooking…Sorry Mom.”
“Its a religious experience!”
“Best (insert food item here) in the world!”

So you’ve actually eaten the world, the skeptic me would ask in my head.

But I think I’ve eaten the best fried chicken in the world (at least in the countries I’ve visited so far) is right here in America. It is rightly so that the place has the words “world famous” in its name. Because they should be world famous. They really do deserve to be world famous.

Oh hello, we meet again

I’ve written about them before in this collective post about our 1st visit to Memphis, but their chicken is oh so good that it deserved a 2nd visit and a blogpost of its own. We were honored and blessed that The Husband and I could visit a second time around (I am already wishing we’d have the 3rd, 4th, 5th visits.)

I must admit that I’m not a fan of fried chicken per se. Chicken has this lansa (LAHN-sa) factor, which if you translate literally into English – a fishy odor and taste. But then again, chicken clearly isn’t fish. But boy, oh boy, I don’t know what Gus’s does to their chicken, but it does not have any trace of lansa. So I would gladly bury my face onto a platter of his world famous fried chicken.

It doesn’t hurt to know who made Gus’s chicken world famous

Apart from the lansa factor, I don’t appreciate fried chicken that is swimming in oil. I know my food is fried, but you don’t have to slurp all the frying oil too. But Gus’s fried chicken doesn’t feel greasy. Is it because all fried chicken are cooked to order? Yes, they only cooked your order of chicken when your server slips your order ticket through the kitchen. So if you’re not willing to wait a bit, beat it.

But I assure you, this chicken is worth the wait.

I resisted the urge to tear through the crispy thinly battered skin when our platter of Gus’s World Famous fried chicken arrived.

More waiting? !?

Yep, unless you want to burn your fingers from the steam and the juices from the hot fried chicken flesh. Do you?

My struggle to eat through the super fresh from the kitchen Gus’s fried chicken

With each bite of their juicy and spicy chicken with flavors that penetrated each fiber of meat and bone (a feat that even The Colonel cannot seem to perfect) I swooned and moaned. “Their chicken is soooooo good!” I licked my fingers, wiped my chin from the chicken juice dribbles and closed my eyes in satisfaction. Maybe this is a religious experience.

I prayed to God thanking him for Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I thanked God that Mr Gus Bonner perfected his fried chicken recipe and shared it with the world. Really, thank you God for having fried chicken this amazing.

I exaggerate not. I’m no American.

Their chicken is seriously great that I even was convinced to buy a $15 a souvenir t-shirt.

I guess I’m now a Gus’s Fried Chicken evangelist

Gus’s Fried Chicken

730 S. Mendenhall
Memphis, TN 38117
Open Sunday – Thursday 11AM-9PM
and Friday & Saturday 11AM-10PM
+1 (901) 767-2323
Find the other locations here

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  1. says

    Hi Didi first time to see your website :) everything looks neat and the design speaks your personality good job!! Those chicken looks HUGGGEEE hahahaha! Giant Chicken 😛 aside from the non-lansa factor, what makes American Fried chicken better than the rest of the world?? Picture looks really juicy yummeh!