Deja vu at Laguna Burger Alburquerque, NM

Looks familiar?

Seen this picture before? Mighty sure you’ve had. Because I wrote about this place before. Yes, people of my tiny blogging universe, history did repeat itself.

The Husband and I drove by 66 Pit Stop to give the famous Laguna burgers another shot. We were driving along the I-40 anyway en route to Texas from California.

And wasn’t it just the strangest coincidence that day we drove by was the day that DST would be dropped. Time sprung forward. And the last time, when we experienced the Laguna Burger tragedy, time fell back.

Good thing that this visit wasn’t tragic at all. We finally got to taste the famous Laguna Burger.

One for The Husband and One for me

This $3.99 burger is a steal, made to order with fresh ground, not frozen beef patties, and enough to feed two normal people with a single burger. But, of course, The Husband and I weren’t exactly normal people. So we each had a burger with a side of fried veg. He had fries, while I had onion rings. Just because I love onion rings a LOT.

Though the punch of green chilis did disappoint me. It wasn’t like that from Mary & Tito’s Cafe, where you proceed with caution when you order green chili sauce over the carne adovada. Instead of the heat, my palate was greeted with a more sweet and smoky flavor. Maybe because it wasn’t the peak of green chili season?

Big bad Laguna Burger

Still, Laguna Burger is worth a stopover when driving through the I-40, it is so much better than any of those big chain burgers, with more bang for your buck in terms of freshness, flavor and…volume.


Yep, that Laguna Burger grew like a rock in my belly, which lasted me 5 more hours in the drive back to Texas. Not tragic at all, huh?

Don’t miss this landmark

66 Pit Stop – Home of the Laguna Burger

Take exit 140 – Rio Puerco, I-40 West
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Laguna burgers only available 1030AM onwards
+1 (505) 352-7848

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  1. says

    The patty looks really good ha! :)
    Freshly ground, wow!! :)

    I remember the burger I had in SFO 1997 (yes, hindi ko siya makalimutan!) It was so blaaaaaand!! My aunt told me, that I should season it daw by myself. Hihi.. Yun daw ang style ng Kano burger.. And ever since then, I’ve never had a US burger.. (traumatized) But this looks really really good!!

    Love, Didi