Filipino vs. Mexican champurrado

Oh hello Mexican champurrado!

Since we’re on the topic of Filipino-Mexican food comparisons, I also stumbled upon another Mexican treat bearing the same name of a popular Filipino breakfast fare: champurrado. Unlike the Mexican menudo, which is a world apart from the raisin peppered Filipino menudo; the Mexican champurrado is closer to its Filipino counterpart.

 Yes, both champurrados have a milk chocolate base, but here are some key differences:

Chocolate-y goodness!

  • The Mexican champurrado is more fragrant because of the cinnamon powder and sticks added to it. I’ve read that some recipes (here and here) even have star anise in the spice mix, though I did not get a whiff or taste of it in the cup of champurrado I had.
  • The Mexican champurrado is a thick hot chocolate (thickened with masa harina or corn flour) you can easily drink from a cup, unlike the Filipino champurrado, which is an often clumpy chocolate rice pudding (with real rice grains) that you need a spoon to consume.
  • The Mexican champurrado is best taken hot, especially on cold, cold days. The one I had was such a cup of comfort while shivering in the cold desert night. But Filipino champurrado could be eaten cold, which I personally prefer versus eating it hot, which is usually the case when served on the breakfast table. Though I have not had the Mexican champurrado cold, I really don’t think it would deliver the same comfort it would when served hot.

Now I am craving for a cup of Mexican champurrado!!!!  I hope that I’d get to have one soon. The last time we dropped by a Mexican super Mercado (supermarket), they ran out of champurrado. Boo.

Pro’s Ranch Market Hot Deli section

Pro’s Ranch Albuquerque, NM

4201 Central Avenue NW
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Open Monday to Sunday, 7AM to 11PM





Delirious about delicious,


P.S. Would love to try Mexican sweet breads or pan de dulce next time. Don’t they look pretty interesting?

Concha bread

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