New Mexico: Driving through land of enchantment

Saw New Mexico USA in a different light

I have an unusual gift of being exceptionally good with directions on the road or on foot…that is if I am familiar with a place. But since The Husband and I were strangers to this expansive piece of land called United States of America, 95% of the time, we are at the mercy of the robotic dictated directions of our GPS (specifically acquired for long drives through unchartered places, especially those areas without mobile phone coverage), which we were en route back to Texas.

The Husband and I were both uneasy, especially with my directional super powers rendered useless, because we didn’t know were the GPS would take us. We’ve never driven through this route before as we purposely took a different route from what we previously took the week before. But thank our God and our lucky stars that we did drive through this unfamiliar route because we were blown away by the unexpected natural sights we’d stumble upon…

And so it begins…

Our first stumble upon was the La Ventana (i.e. The Window) arch, which was just by the roadside.

We were curious to see what these guys were looking at

Officially in the Wilderness so says the sign


God-made grotto

Next we moseyed on to the El Malpais viewing deck…

Bawal ang makulit na bata at matigas ang ulo dito…unless you want to fall over the edge



Now we were just too happy to be “lost” by the GPS

The photo really does not do justice for the beauty of the land. So go there!

I’m sorry I cannot recall where exactly these sights are, but hope that the below would help you find your way:

El Malpais National Monument

Northwest New Mexico Visitor Center +1 (505) 876-2783
El Malpais Information Center +1 (505) 783-4774
BLM Ranger Station +1 (505) 280-2918

Delirious about delicious,


P.S. The States each have a nickname / monicker like Texas being ” The Lone Star state” or Hawaii being the “Aloha State”. New Mexico’s official nickname is the “Land of Enchantment”

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