Filipino vs. Mexican menudo

A bowl of Mexican Menudo

Ever since we’ve seen “menudo” on the menus of Mexican establishments, restaurants and supermercados alike, in Atlanta and Texas, The Husband and I vowed that we would one day try it for ourselves. “Menudo”, a classic Filipino dish with teeny pork cubes, pork liver, red hotdog (Yes, only the red kind), cubed potatoes and carrots, and raisins in tomato sauce, or even ketchup – tomato or banana, was not anything like the Mexican menudo, except maybe for the red hue rendered by the chilies.

We finally did get to try a bowl of Mexican menudo while in New Mexico, where we learnt these key differences…

  • The Mexican menudo is more a soup than a viand to be eaten with rice, making it best to be slurped then shoved and not just to be shoved into the mouth.
  • The Mexican menudo is not made of pork, but rather made of beef tripe or tuwalya (i.e. towel – because it does look like one) as more popularly known by Filipinos.
  • The Mexican menudo is not tart and sweet, but rather savory and meaty from the soup of the slow cooked, well-cleaned beef tripe.
  • The Mexican menudo is seasoned with lemon, raw onions and dried oregano, while the Filipino menudo can be seasoned with hot sauce (my personal preference) or patis (i.e. fish sauce) or maybe even more ketchup?

Isn’t it amusing that there are Filipino and Mexican dishes that share the same name, but are really worlds apart?

Delirious about delicious,


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  1. says

    Yehey! So happy I can now comment properly on your site! Learned something new today for future reference: avoid Mexican Menudo. I am not a fan of tripe… it’s so bouncy bouncy! It’s always nice to learn about other cuisines! Here in Berlin I am discovering how amazing Turkish, Lebanese, and Persian food are! There are so many middle eastern immigrants and the food scene is so diverse. This is definitely the perks of expat life. What do you think?