Dubai Last Suppers: Chatime Karama


It is seriously such a relief to know that we have escaped the horrid desert summer in the nick of time. When I say the word “horrid”, do I really, really, really mean it is HORRID. For those of you back in Manila, who are complaining about the heat waves, you guys ain’t felt nothing yet. There is NOTHING in the world like the horrible Dubai desert summer.

Imagine scorching 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Farenheit for those of you in the US) consistent throughout the freaking day. This is the kind that burns through your skull, giving you migraines for months. This is the kind that standing outside for a minute (or maybe even less) will make your armpit sweat buckets. This is the kind that does not allow you to touch your car’s steering wheel (unless you want to get some second degree burns) or even sit inside your car once you open its doors.

Add to that suffocating humidity. Na-ah. This is not that kind that leaves you sticky all day. Like the humidity we have back in Southeast Asia. But the kind that makes seasonally asthmatic or the kind that somebody actually has an iron grip on your throat. Yes, that kind that leaves you short of breath.  And add to that bursts of sandstorms. Imagine a typical Philippine tropical storm: dark skies, winds howling and blowing away things, but without any water, just sand.

And you thought that air conditioning makes it better? Well, thank God for air conditioning, which does make life comfortable, or rather livable, BUT it makes the summer much worse. You get out into the oven of a weather, then get into the freezer, the one that requires you to have a nice thick jacket. Heat and freezer burn! Argh!

Believe it or not, but ‘tis the season for cough, colds and flu. I remember spending weeks in bed, coughing and wheezing until kingdom come, and getting in & out of clinics without any decent lead on what was causing my ailment was, on top of it, frustrating.

Heat. Humidity. Sand. Just the very thought of those summers make me shudder. After reliving that nightmare, I can now say with much conviction: THANK GOD WE ARE OUT OF DUBAI! Huge, huge sigh of relief and gratitude!

But for those of you whom we left back in the desert, there is some form of occasional relief (aside from air conditioning). We discovered that Chatime, a famous Taiwanese milk tea brand (a personal favorite of mine), has come to Dubai. So you can get some ice cold drinks to quench your thirst during this mean summertime.

We passed Chatime in Karama for something to relieve our parched throats on a rather warm afternoon at the cusp of the desert summer. I wanted something light and refreshing, so I deviated from my Chatime constant: the thick, creamy Taro milk tea. I ordered an iced lemon green tea – 25% sugar only – with grass jelly blocks instead.

Note to Chatime virgins: You can choose both your sugar levels – from zero sugar to 100% – AND fix-ins – grass jelly like mine, chewy gooey pearls, nata de coco (coconut) strips, egg pudding, rainbow jelly, red bean, aloe vera or coconut jelly.

Should you crave creamier drinks, there are loads of other options including smoothies, coffee and mousse, which is basically tea topped with a milky and even cheesy cream topping (an acquired taste really). But for the cruel, cruel summer, I do strongly recommend to stick with the iced teas and fruit juices.

How will you Dubai-nites deal with this year’s summer?


Right across Burjuman Center,

Sandwiched between a nail salon and a Subway

Karama, Dubai, UAE






Delirious about delicious,



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