Dead or alive?

“Is your blog dead?” The Husband asked me the other night. I then type in my blog’s url to check if something has gone wrong. Jitter bugs took over as I was in for the worst like my blog getting hacked (It happened to me once, so I know the horror) and losing around two years worth of work. When I saw the blog up and running, I sighed in relief and wondered what was wrong. What made The Husband think that the blog was dead?

Oh. My last post was two weeks back. No blogposts meant no life.

But obviously this blog isn’t dead just yet. Because if it was, I wouldn’t be posting this. I’ve adjusted my life priorities and just focused my time and energy lately on getting my health back, which involves daily food preparation, exercise and sleep.

Almost every morning, including weekends, I wake up between 630 to 7AM to fix up my breakfast then chug down my vitamins. Then off I go to work, workity, work. And come home to workout and cook my dinner as well as my baon (packed lunch) for the following day. Push repeat button.

So life has been humdrum for me, eh?

Well, not really. I am the type of person who finds trips to the grocery / market, cooking and eating as one of the most fascinating and exciting activities in life. Rolling the cart along the fluorescent lit aisles, browsing through shelves of products from exotic lands beyond my wildest imagination, interacting with the produce, chopping, mixing, sauteing, and, of course, eating sends shivers to my very core. The titillating, sensual kind.

The past month of heathy living has been an adventure to me, exploring and expanding my culinary knowledge, tastes and skills. I’ve learned to focus my perspective into what else I can eat, instead of being stuck and frustrated with the stuff I can’t eat for now like dairy, gluten / wheat and sugar laden treats. There is actually so much out there to eat!

But more on that next time. This blog is definitely not dead. I am still very much alive and healthier than ever :-)

Delirious over delicious,


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