Another birthday post before September ends…

Of course, aside from gifting myself with a long term, deeply spiritual birthday gift, I couldn’t help myself but also get something more material. I’m sure you can guess what was my other birthday gift to myself :-)

I FINALLY bought my hand blender of choice after months of Internet research, mall hopping, expert consultations and deliberation. The Kenwood HB724 was a 100 AED over my initial budget, but boy was it worth the upgrade.

It has been my powerful ally in preparing quick and filling sugar-free AND dairy-free fruit smoothies to jumpstart most of my mornings. I love the way it makes that purring whirr sounds and the soft vibrations in my hand as it liquifies my chopped fruit to skip all the chewing I’m required to do. Smoothies are such a welcome break to my new goat / cow-like jaw action during meal time.

I still have yet to try the nifty attachments soon because I still do not have some vegetable soup or a simple potato mash or a meringue lined up in my revamped personal menu and pantry (Yes, The Husband has a different set of food…the unhealthy, sinful kind. Hehehe!).

If ever you get yourself the same hand blender model (It’s the Kenwood HB724!), just don’t forget to read the product manual carefully. It has some helpful tips to keep in mind to ensure that the hand blender lasts you a lifetime.

Before September finally comes to an end, again, Happy Birthday month to me :-) It’s been a happy one!

Delirious about delicious,


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  1. Farwin says

    Finally,you are out with the gift ! A secret off from my heavy heart..Here’s to more healthy mixes from you and your new buddy ! :)