The blender contenders

I like to daydream. I spend at least an hour of my time inside my complicated head: mulling over the past (what could I have done better or maybe not done at all), enjoying the quiet of the present and taking a sneak peek into the future I want to create for myself.

One of the major daydreams I’ve been having lately is my dream kitchen: a spacious refuge from the mad rush of the world, not necessarily equipped with the most expensive designer tools, but rather with the best tools for my specific needs. Obviously, I rule out having a spacious kitchen in our wee studio flat in the desert. I know I have to reach for the impossible, but seriously, that isn’t possible here. Maybe in some other place and time; a resounding yes. But in Dubai? Naaah.

So since I can’t achieve a spacious kitchen, I start out by slowly piecing together those dream kitchen odd bits and pieces. I started the dream kitchen ball rolling with my Joseph Joseph Nest9 Plus. Happy with my first dream kitchen purchase, I want to take the next step and get myself a blender. Why a blender? I want to get to prepare my own blend of homemade smoothies and maybe some more dishes that would require pureed veggies and fruits.

This is why I’ve spent the past months (Yes, this is me the over thinking consumer) lurking around Dubai’s hypermarts and department stores my dream kitchen blender. Here are the finalists of my dream kitchen blender search:

Kenwood Smoothie2Go (129 AED)

This petite blender is the very reason I want one. I actually loaned a friend’s Kenwood Smoothie2Go a number of times and I really liked it.

Aside from being very space efficient, the beaker serving size is just right for one to two people. We’re not expanding our household anytime soon, so, Goldilocks’ famous words are just apt for the blender’s beaker size: “This is just right.”

However, the downside of the Kenwood Smoothie2Go is that one can only use it for smoothies. That’s it. Minus points for that one.

I thought about the blender a little bit more, did some Internet research and asked the expert: my sister the chef. I told her about my blender dilemma: the main objective of the blender purchase as well as the limitations in space.

“Get a hand blender instead.” she recommended. And so, I search for the perfect hand blender for me and my dream kitchen.

Kenwood Hand Blender 723 / HB723 (249 AED)

One of the key points that I learned my hand blender research was to get one with a stainless steel shaft versus a plastic one. Why? The plastic shaft is not usable in hot liquids because they melt. Plus colored food substances would stain the plastic shafts, which usually come in white.

The Kenwood HB723 is the perfect package for me. It has a stainless steel shaft, which was great. Plus a plastic beaker, a balloon wire whisk, a 0.5 Liter chopper and a separate plastic “Bigfoot”, pan blender attachment. I can make my smoothies, plus maybe make some soups and purees on the side too.

BUT somehow, the hypermarts and department stores do not have this model available. I have searched far and wide: from Geant to Carrefour to Lulu to Jashanmal, and failed miserably.

Shall I wait a bit more until they restock the shelves? Or should I accept that I may never set eyes on this hand blender ever again?

Kenwood Hand Blender 724 / HB724 (349 AED)


The HB723 actually has a fraternal twin: The Kenwood HB724, a slightly upgraded version of it. The only difference of the upgraded Kenwood HB724 is the potato masher. That’s about it. Is the additional 100 AED worth the potato masher upgrade?

What do you think? I told you guys I over think most of my purchases :-) Hehehe!

Delirious about delicious,


P.S. I never knew that Kenwood had kitchen appliances until I came to Dubai. In the Philippines, Kenwood is actually more famous for its car stereo products. Just saying :-)

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  1. Kristy says

    I got the kMix HB790 ( about a year and a half ago, and it was worth the step up to have a food processer as well. The base bowl can grate like a mean machine and I can make guacamole in an instant, not to mention date paste cookies and the like. It’s been the best investment (and I already had a plastic stick blender!). I don’t use the whisk, admittedly, nor the milk frother. I use the metal stick blender a lot (for soups) but recently bought a Kenwood blender because it’s just that bit better for smoothies with frozen fruit as I’m afraid of breaking the stick blender blade. For versatility, get the best you can afford and I’m sure you would love branching into the world of having a food processor :)

  2. Maita says

    I don’t eat a lot of potatoes but I think that potato masher rocks! Go for the upgrade if it’s available. I know you won’t be expanding the family any time soon but if and when you do, you can make baby food with that masher. Go for it!


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