Eid Al Fitr long weekend…Sweet!

After perhaps the longest work week ever, I floated out of the office in a silly daze, looking forward to 5-days of uninterrupted work-free rest, relaxation and much catching up. Ramadan is about to end and the Muslim community (and those living in Muslim countries like me) is gearing up for Eid Al Fitr. Aside from this weekend being considerably longer than the usual 2-day weekends all we work horses get to enjoy, this weekend is extra special as I have the luxury of time to catch up with three of my favorite activities: cooking (of course, eating after cooking), reading and writing.

Thinking about what to cook was a bit of a challenge. I thought long and hard, as I dove into our refrigerator and pantry filled with leftover food and other knick knacks, which were already due for disposal. It was either we gobble them as soon as possible or I upcycle them into another edible product. Okay, since I am feeling extra brave and excited because of my new kitchen tool, I decided to do some upcycling, mixing up a couple of leftover ingredients here and there.

But anyway upcycling to come later, before I put on my kitchen brave face, I just wanted to start with something fairly simple. To jumpstart my 5-day cooking spree, I made my own vanilla extract from ingredients I peddled from generous friends and fellow bloggers (Special THANK YOU shout out to Miss Stove Top Dancing, who shared her vanilla bean loot from India).

How do you make vanilla extract?

  1. First, have vanilla beans, some whiskey or vodka and a sterilized glass bottle (I recycled a single serve juice bottle).
  2. Then make a slit down the middle of the vanilla bean to open and scrape away the seeds.
  3. Place scraped seeds and bean inside the sterilized glass bottle. Then repeat the process for 3-4 or maybe even more vanilla beans.
  4. I’ve read somewhere that the vanilla beans need to be submerged in your alcohol of choice. And so I did submerge my vanilla beans in Jack Daniels’ Gentleman Jack whiskey.
  5. Cover the glass bottle with vanilla beans and whiskey, then shake to get those vanilla seeds worked up.
  6. Last and perhaps the most important step: DO NOT USE YET. I have to wait for another 2-3 months for the mixture to magically transform into real vanilla extract :-) The bottle now sits at the darkest corner of our wee pantry.

Crossing my fingers and toes that this works out well :-) Hihi!

Happy, happy, happy long weekend to everyone in Dubai! Eid Mubarak to my Muslim brothers and sisters!

Delirious about delicious,


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