Time to stop and smell the camels

The problem with productivity junkies like myself is the addiction to do more (not compromising on quality) in the 24-hours of each day that God has given us. So lately, I’ve been sucked into the teeny weeny yet cosmos consuming black hole called real life: chores, work, and more chores await. Both seems like they never end. Gone are the days when I could make MORE time for blogging. I make time, but it doesn’t seem enough anymore.

But today is the kick-off of another weekend (Again???), so today I dedicated some time to just stop and smell…not roses, but camels. I don’t mean that a camel popped up in our urban desert neighborhood and I stopped to pet it AND take in the smell of sand, damp pelt and dung.

Thursday is simply camel meat day.

This is not the first time I’ve had camel meat as we’ve had it as our New Year’s Eve meal before we headed out to view the fireworks of the Burj Khalifa. The Husband and I enjoyed our camel meat in kebab form at Zaina restaurant, which is conveniently a stone’s throw away from our wee apartment. But today instead of having camel kebabs, the beautiful Radhina of Platetrotter and I decided we’d try out the camel burgers, which unfortunately were not available at Zaina Restaurant.

And so we had to settle for Zaina’s camel sandwiches, nicely spiced (I still can’t identify the spices correctly…I left Radhina’s expert spice palate to decipher them spices) extremely lean yet moist camel kebab, slathered with some hummus and peppered with greens all rolled upin crispy Arabic bread. Thank God it was a far cry from the initial image in my head: thinly sliced camel meat medallions sandwiched between two slices of white bread. Yuck right?

Aside from two orders of camel sandwiches, Radhina and I exchanged stories of our homelands (which oddly are quite similar), of Dubai life experiences, of world travels and of food (DUH!). It was a welcome reprieve from the ordinary daily struggle of real life :-)  Our not-so-chance camel meat meet up reminded me of the very reason why I dove back into real ordinary life recently: my dreams of eating the world 😉

I just love how my Thursdays have now turned into a meet-a-new-foodie-friend day :-) I think I will need to stop and smell those camels more often. Camel meat anyone?

Zaina Restaurant

Serves camel kebab, shawarma, sandwiches and burgers

(Just call beforehand to check if the camel dishes are available)

Across Seven Sands Hotel Apartments, near the Sharaf DG Metro station

Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE



Delirious about delicious,


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  1. Platetrotter says

    Ha ha, strangely, the way you described the camel sandwich is EXACTLY how I thought it was going to look like too. Glad it turned out to be a wrap :)

  2. Tasmeea says

    I’ve tasted camel meat, however not in the form of a wrap so I’m very intrigued by this place and would love to try it out. Thanks for this post!

    • says

      You should Sally :) This place does it fairly decent (Based from anecdotes of other bloggers on their experience with other camel meat haunts in the city)