Weekends are made of these…

I now have regained the a full appreciation of the line: “Where has the weekend gone?” I can’t believe those two days are so over. But, but, but I am grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat because I think I just had one of the most productive and enjoyable weekends ever. To be honest, it wasn’t anything spectacular like a weekend out of the country or even just a weekend out of town (a weekend in Sharjah? *Snicker*).

It was simply a weekend filled with the simple joys that make my life complete

Food and NFF discoveries

I kicked off the weekend last Thursday night with a Koshari dinner with my NFF (New Found Friend), Nadia, fellow Fooderati blogger over bowls of Koshari, an Egyptian street food staple made with almost all forms of carbohydrates – noodles, macaroni and rice – plus protein from lentils and chickpeas topped with spiced tomato sauce and crispy onions. I know it doesn’t sound delish, but it is! Quite filling too as two hungry people can share a medium sized bowl. What a way to share a new experience with a new friend (who honestly feels like an old friend…Amazing how Dubai manages to connect people from different backgrounds, but, in the end, share the same interests and perhaps principles and beliefs).

The Husband and I also got our first taste of Vegetable Manchurian (an Indianized Chinese dish of vegetable balls swimming in sweet, sour and spicy sauce) and mushy peas along with a portion of fish and chips (Lulu Hypermarket had British specials as part of celebrating Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee). I love weekends filled with new food discoveries!

Home cooking

I am seriously addicted to my roasting pan and oven that I made 3-batches of roasted vegetables and pork and sausages on Friday morning. Yes, I cooked that much food to last The Husband and myself the entire week. Plus, I also experimented on some apples :-) So far those roasted cinnamon apples do taste damn good…crunchy, buttery, sweet and tangy, perfect with a dollop of cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream when served warm.

Me time

I am a Moroccan bath virgin no more! I spent my Saturday afternoon in my birthday suit cooped up in a warm and cloudy room (In my mind, I really thought I died and went to Heaven. Hehehe!) with this stocky lady scrubbing me clean and hosing me down. Pretty much like bathing a dog. Seriously!

But I think that ALL LADIES must have a Moroccan bath every month (if budget permits). It is a great way to have someone scrub your worries away :-)

Good laughs

I spent the Friday afternoon celebrating the birthday of our friends’ cutie patotie daughter. The usual good food (with amazing cake! Aren’t those cupcakes adorable?) filled our tums and laughter rang in our ears all afternoon.

Aaaaaand The Husband introduced me to Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters, who apparently is very popular (I have been hiding under a rock!) for his multi-racial comedic stylings. I think his style appeals to people like myself, who live in such a multi-racial place. We just ended up bowling with laughter the rest of our Saturday evening. Nothing like laughing together with your one true love, right? Cheese alert!

You really don’t need all the fireworks to make your weekend special. It’s those little things that truly count. Did I mention I even finished all my household chores too?

How was your weekend like?

Delirious about delicious,


P.S. Get your custom cakes made bi Jill’s Homemade.

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She also made this beautiful pink and white wedding cake I wrote about a few months back

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  1. Pervisha Khanum says

    Oh Masha Allah you’re very creative!
    Plus you had a dinner with Nadia, 😀 it must have been great ! *jealous of all the fun you two had*

  2. says

    What a busy and fun-filled weekend you had! How could you possibly eat those adorable cupcakes?! I’d probably find out a way to preserve those forever 😀

    It was great meeting you in person, Didi! It felt like I’ve known you before and we’re meeting again after a long break. Oh, and the koshari that I took home? I had it again for lunch the next day; added some more fried onions, and it somehow tasted much better when reheated, lol. 

    And those roasted apples look heavenly! Reminds me I need a new oven asap.