Bacon pimped monggo (mung bean soup)

There are just days that are plain ordinary.

In the morning, at around 7AM, I get up, do my morning routine in the bathroom, cook and eat breakfast and leave for work. Then for 8-solid hours, I work almost non-stop to get to clock out on time and get home. After a 15-minute trip home, I exercise (or sometimes just try to in my head) then cook or reheat dinner and hit the sheets. Those are ordinary weekdays.

There are also ordinary weekends like this. Uneventful, no parties or get-togethers to attend, no errands to run that I end up cooped up in our wee flat, busying myself with house chores including my favorite chore: cooking, watching TV series or movies, reading through my Kindle and surfing the net.

But somehow, there is this itching feeling to make something extraordinary out of the sometimes boring ordinary day. There has to be something special everyday, right?

Monggo (mung bean soup), one of the humblest and standard Filipino comfort food dishes, was on our menu list and I gave it an upgrade by using bacon to give it the salt and smoky flavor it needs.


  • 500-grams whole mung beans
  • Water
  • 1/4 kilo extra salty and extra smoky pork bacon, chopped
  • 1-whole onion, chopped
  • 1-head of garlic, minced
  • 1-tomato, chopped
  • 2-tablespoons fish sauce


  1. Soak mung beans in a separate with water for at least 3-hours.
  2. Heat up pot and throw in bacon to sweat out the fat.
  3. Add onions and garlic. Cook until the onions are translucent.
  4. Add tomatoes and saute for 3-minutes.
  5. Add soaked mung beans and water to the pot. Cover the pot to help seal in the heat and soften the mung beans.
  6. Add the fish sauce and mix.
  7. Cook with low heat for 1-hour until beans are nice and soft. Stir every 15-minutes and make sure to crush the beans. Note that crushing the beans is a very important step.
  8. Serve hot in a bowl and eat together with plain white jasmine rice.

Optional: Add a splash of lemon juice to the monggo. You’d be pleasantly surprised how the lemon juice makes a huge difference :-)

The smoky bacon here replaces the tinapa (salty smoked fish) flavor. But, of course, in the more indulgent sense as bacon is one of the more special ingredients, which I only got to enjoy on special weekends back home, being more expensive than the humble tinapa.

I really think that any ordinary day can be made special by just having a bowl of monggo. Moreso if it has bacon!


Delirious about delicious,


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  1. The Diplomatic Wife says

    Sounds delicious! Reminds me of the monggo we had at 80breakfasts flat. She cooked monggo Spanish lentejas-style, with chorizo. Best monggo i’ve ever had! MmMmmmm…. you are inspiring me to cook monggo sometime soon!

    You work now? Since when?

    • says

      Yup! Joey shared one of her cool modifications with monggo…with bacon AND chorizo! double yum!

      I really love monggo…super comfort food for any Filipino soul :)

      Yep! I sent you a short and sweet email ;p

  2. says

    We love monggo! We cook it ginisa (saute) style with pork, yes, with bacon too or chicken or fish and then add coconut milk (for fish monggo only)! The only difference with my monggo and your monggo in the picture is that we mash the beans to make the soup thick. You made me hungry.

    • says

      This is 1/4 through the cooking process. I do mash the beans too to make the soup nice and thick. I wanted to add coconut milk, but I figured it doesn’t go with the bacon. So maybe next time :) Somebody tweeted and reminded me of the sweet version of monggo. Now that needs coconut milk for sure!