The Grand Grill Tuesday Nights: For caveman carnivores only

If you've got your caveman on, this is the place to be on Tuesday Nights

The Husband and I are both unabashed carnivores. We love our meats and are not afraid to go places for it. Case in point, last Monday, after grazing through and drooling over a eat-all-you-can beef ribs and grilled chicken promotion, The Husband quickly made reservations for us on Tuesday night at The Grand Grill, Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa.

I was quite excited since it’s been a while since we went out for a date, at the same time, my tummy’s carnivore hormones were pumped up too.

The Husband and I weren’t the only carnivores hankering for those caveman worthy beef ribs as The Grand Grill was packed that night with hardly an empty table in sight. Their open kitchen was so busy that it took around 30-minutes for our beef ribs and chicken plates to get to our tables. Were the beef ribs and chicken worth the wait?

Me want meat!

I was busy keeping my white top stain free as I tucked the table napkin under my chin before I dived into my plate of meat, while The Husband dove head first in meat heaven as he sunk his teeth into the ribs and chicken, which melted in his mouth. If you have a penchant for meat that you could peel off the bone as if it had a zipper, then The Grand Grill beef ribs and chicken is for you. The Husband and I could actually club each other Flintstone style (Remember Bambam and Pebbles?) with the clean beef rib bones. Yabadabadoooooooo!

The ribs and chicken were moist with the sticky, sweet and tangy marinade, which is quite similar the popular Filipino marinades made with banana ketchup, soy sauce and brown sugar. I was quite surprised that we were the only Filipino diners in the sea of caucasian diners. If they knew how close the flavors are to Filipino BBQ, I’m sure The Grand Grill will be packed with fellow Filipinos in the future.

You really won't need these.

It was flavorful enough to have not needed any additional sauces. Hence, the pepper sauce and mustard set in front of us were useless.

I tapped out after eating 2.75 ginormous beef ribs and a quarter of a chicken, while The Husband gave his utensils a throw down after 4.25 beef ribs and half a chicken.

How many beef ribs do you think you can finish?

Painting on the wall of The Grand Grill: Isn't she haunting and beautiful?

The Grand Grill

Inside the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE



Unlimited Beef Ribs and Chicken every Tuesday night

7PM – onwards

95 AED per head, exclusive of drinks


Delirious about delicious,


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