Adding spice to your life

Ever seen a Sheik Zayed Road (a monstrous main thoroughfare, which I coin as Dubai’s counterpart of Metro Manila’s EDSA, but honestly pales in comparison) accident? How about a lion cub (Yes, a real live lion cub like Simba) peeping out of a luxury SUV? How about a Swarovski embellished lemon yellow Land Rover (I’ve seen the SAME bejeweled vehicle TWICE!)?

Only in Dubai, as we always say. But don’t you love how these Dubai quirks somehow make our honestly challenging desert lives more interesting? These certainly still pack such a punch for the Dubai newbie me.

Inspired by some of the many other new things I’ve seen and learnt in the past few days, I realized that our wee pantry lacked that punch of spice. So last Saturday, The Husband and I trooped over to Organic Foods & Cafe for their monthly 20% Off sale (Every 3rd Saturday of the month) :-) Who doesn’t love a good 20% off?

And so aside from an additional supply of pork sausages, I picked up three small bottles (There seems to be a lack of smaller SKUs in this part of the world.) of spices to jumpstart my spice collection :-) I am so excited to use them very soon! *dance of kitchen joy*

Daydreaming delicious,