You know food bloggers are close by when…

Can you spot the food blogger in this picture?

You want to know how to spot a food blogger from a mile away? Here are some giveaway clues, (which I picked up from an insightful Global Village trip earlier with fellow bloggers FooDee, Miss StoveTop and I Live in a Frying Pan with friends Sssourabh and Radhika) to help find these beautiful creatures in your favorite food establishments:

 Clue #1: They ask a LOT of questions about the food.

Some typical questions you may overhear:

  •  “Where / what do we start eating first?” while rubbing hands together in excitement
  • “What is this? How about that? Oh, and this? What about that one over there?” even when there are other hungry, impatient waiting people behind them.
  • “What are your house specialties / bestsellers?” Sometimes done with a snooty, know-it-all voice.
  • “Can I dig in already?”

The pursed lips of food anticipation. Unfortunately, the churros were not as delicious as we've hoped for.

  • “Tishishsogooooooof! Wutishiscold?” Translation: This is so good! What is this called? with food still in mouth while pointing to the plateful of food.
  • “What is this made of?”
  • “Where is this dish from?”
  • “How the eff do they make this sooooo good?” with matching R-rated sounds. Go figure.
  • “Do you have a recipe for this?”
  • “So what’s your favorite dish so far?”
  • “Where are we eating next?”
  • “When are we eating again?”

Be warned: the food questions never end. Stay away if you don’t want to listen to endless conversations about food.

Clue #2: Cameras hog over the food FIRST.

Food Paparazzi alert!

As soon as the food hits the table (or your hand if you are eating on the go like we did), BOOM! It’s as if the plate of food sashayed down the red carpet on awards night, flash bulbs popping left and right, upside down and inside out. Food = the stars, while food bloggers = the paparazzi.

The Turkish Baked Potato shot before the hungry food bloggers' massacre

At least, we do try our very best to capture ogle and drool-worthy photographs pre-food massacre. But if we are just too hungry, sometimes all we get to capture is the emptied plate. More reason to order another plate, right?

Clue #3: Food bloggers are always willing to share.

Dee happily sharing an Egyptian shawarma with us

Contrary to the perception that food bloggers are utter gluttons, we are very much willing to share our food. We like to share to increase the opportunity get to eat more, covering more food items in the shortest amount of time. Oh okay, that insight made me realize that we still are gluttons through and through. Whoops! I guess you really can’t hide our true colors, eh? At least, we still are willing to share. So there.

Speaking of sharing, FooDee gave me bottles of chai masala (Is this the correct term?!? Please enlighten me.) because I just love chai tea so much. Supah dupah thanks Dee! See???? We, food bloggers, can share!

Hooray for sharing!

Clue #4: We’re willing to dive in deep…for the love of food.

We’re willing to dive deep into our pockets for food. And even dive deep into the food establishment’s kitchen…

Unafraid of poking into the shawarma grilling area. We were almost shoo-ed by the kitchen staff

Or maybe just grab (after asking nicely, of course) some of the food items for a closer look…

This is me grabbing the Pomegranate from the Pomegranate juice man. Not shy at all.

I have a final clue, but I want YOU to tell me what it is.  Can you try to guess what Clue #5 is with the two photos below?

Mr Yemeni Honey willingly showcases his wares.

Mr Bambolini (Tunisian Doughnuts) gamely poses for the food paparazzi

Unfortunately, I don’t have a prize for the person who gets to guess the clue correctly. But isn’t it fun to know the quirky unique food blogger habits?

Delirious about delicious,


UPDATE (02/09/12): Chirag, fellow Fooderati in Arabia blogger, was able to guess Clue #5 :-) Food bloggers manage to get “the guy behind the counter (or the waiter) to pose with the food he’s serving” :-) Congratulations!

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  1. Dina Murali says

    I love love love this post Didi!!! Missed the fun..Not in a condition to really walk around global village, been a lil low on energy last 2 days!!! Lovely time u girls had!!! Well done!!!

  2. says

    hahahahaa…this is hilarious and SO EFFING TRUE! what a blast we had Didi, last night was insanely awesome! four things to add…food bloggers will:
    a) do their research…whoever printed out nausheen’s list, kudos to them!
    b) bring their own food…to a food event (that cake rocked Mishti!)
    c) drive in circles until they can lay their hands on a final piece of food…AFTER exiting said food event
    b) blog the hell out of whatever they ate the night before…

    food bloggers RULE.

  3. says

    OMG Didi, that photo of me is so funny. Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing looking at it. I look SO pleased with having food in my mouth, but yes…ever ready to share. Hopefully that video I promised will be up soon. Torn between finishing that and my own Global Village post. Both this week as a double bonanza? :)

  4. says

    Such a fun post! I miss it already. Indeed the memorable car chase and Devina / Radhika’s “now what” moment before the split second thought of tossing the cake from car to cooper was classic. My favorite how to spot a foodie moment:  follow the flashes and shutterbugs in anticipation of a celebrity, only to see a loaded plate