Chopped garlic anyone?

A gorgeous mess of garlic cloves ready for chopping

My favorite part of my busy housewife day is when I get the chance to cook. But, one thing I absolutely enjoy doing in the entire cooking process is chopping garlic. Why?

I do love plucking off each clove out of that compact bulb, how silky the translucent skin slides on my fingertips.

I do love how easily you can peel off the skin by giving the clove a nice whack under the knife, a good way to let out some of the aggression.


I do love the rhythmic swishing, squishing sound of the steel knife cutting through the naked clove.

I do love how the garlic aroma penetrates through the crevices of my child-like fingers.

I do love how it gets me to focus in the moment and feel that everything is moving in beautiful slow-motion.

Who would have thought that this can be a strangely spiritual experience for me? How I wish I need garlic in every dish I cook, just to get some of my natural garlic high. I could seriously chop garlic for two hours straight (maybe even more) and love every second of it.

Do you also share the same feelings about chopping garlic? Probably not. I am just so weird.

Delirious about delicious,



  1. says

    So much passion for chopping garlic, only you Didi! hehe…you know, if you sprinkle a pinch of salt on the garlic, it’s actually easier to chop as it prevents the garlic from sticking to the knife. But I’m sure you already knew that!

    • says

      I didn’t know that. But I like the garlic sticking to the knife :-) I love how I need to wipe off those garlic bits from the knife. I am weird right?