10 Power Tips for your Global Village trip

Isn't the chocolate pistachio baklava just enticing??? let's go to global Village!

Being the Dubai newbie that I am, I still do get giddy excited whenever we go to Global Village. Even if last night was actually my 4th time there :-) I’ve learned quite a lot from these Global Village visits and I want to share 10 power tips from the seasoned Global Village visitor (that’s Me!):

Tip #1: Mondays are Global Village’s family days, so don’t go if you do not have a family of your own.

Yes, Mondays are dedicated to those with families, who want to shy away from the rowdy groups of bachelors / bachelorettes. So unless you plan to go with your sister / brother / parents / husband, don’t even attempt to go to Global Village on a Monday.

Tip #2: Don’t go to Global Village on Fridays either..unless you are a fan of 3KM traffic and elbow-to-elbow crowds.

Friday is the busiest day at Global Village. Since I am not a fan of the traffic and the crowds, I’ve never attempted to visit on a Friday. Though I have seen the traffic and it ain’t a pretty sight. But if crowds is your thing or Friday is your only free day, then by all means…Go!

Tip #3: There is a Global Village ladies only ticket line, just in case you want to steer clear from unwanted, sticky stares of ogling men.

Ahhh...the perks of being a lady!

Like the Dubai Metro, which has a ladies and children only car, Global Village also has an exclusive ticket line for the ladies. Now, this is when I do thank God that I am a woman. These simple perks make it kind of worth it. Hahaha!

Tip #4: For the ladies again, don’t even attempt to go to Global Village in high heels.

You will be doing a lot of walking at Global Village. So unless you are confident you can rock the walking around in high heels, go ahead and wear them. But for mere mortals like me, I strongly suggest you wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.

Tip #5: If you are on a diet, you are licensed to cheat!

Fried Tunisian doughnuts!

My favorite Emirati treat: Lgeimat!

This is definitely a time to be on a diet, especially when you are surrounded (literally!) by ohhh sooooo yummy, exotic (at least for me) food treats. I am actually on a diet (I still am trying), but I did save my once-a-day carb space for last night’s Global Village trip.

Tip #6: Some food stalls offer free samples…take them.

Spiced Yemeni Honey...for married people only! *wink*

There are some vendors, like the Yemeni honey guys, who are generous with the samples. So take the free samples and enjoy! You might just end up taking something home :-)

Tip #7: Bring extra money for Global Village pasalubong.

Bring home one of these pretty Turkish lamps

Or a bag or two or three of exotic spices!

Aside from the 10AED entrance ticket money at perhaps around 50AED minimum for your meals, try to add a minimum of 100AED for pasalubong money. There are a lot of food stuff, which I still pine for up to this very minute. Good thing I was able to bring home a can of hot smoked paprika (15AED) and 157grams of aged Manchego cheese (30AED) from the Spain exhibit hall.

Tip #8: Go to Global Village with friends.

FooDee excited to get her Turkish Ice Cream

When with friends, the strategy is to buy one food item and then share, that way you get to sample more food items (and calories) like what we food bloggers did.

Tip #9: Avoid KFC, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreme and those swirly potatoes on a stick like the plague.

Don't buy this!

You can find these food chains and food items outside of Global Village right? So why even go all the way to Global Village to end up eating in any of the aforementioned? Be adventurous and try the Global Village only food treats!

Tip #10: Visit Global Village at least twice or thrice.

There is so much going on in Global Village that it does deserve a repeat visit. I’ve been there 4x and I still feel I haven’t maximized my visits! I plan to go on another trip before it closes soon :-) Any one want to come with me?

Global Village, Dubai is open until March 3, 2012.

Saturday to Wednesday at 4PM-12MN

Thursday to Friday at 4PM-1AM

Tickets are 10AED per head.

Last year, The Entertainer offered Global Village vouchers. Do the 2012-2013 books still have the Global Village buy 1, take 1 voucher?

Delirious about delicious,


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  1. says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I feel like Fooderati’s official Global Village mascot 😀 Love it! I’m vain enough to enjoy being on someone else’s blog. Btw I have an AWESOME photo of you biting into that shawarma 😛

    What’s pasalubong?

    Love, love, love this post!

    • says

      Oh no! Incriminating photo of food stuffing! Hahaha!

      Pasalubong is a little something you take home to your family / friends. It’s usually done when you travel OR just go somewhere else outside the house. My parents used to bring us pasalubong every time they came home from work :-) It could be as random as a box of munchkins or pastries or pork rinds. I will update the post or make an entire post about pasalubong.

  2. says

    Love your tips, Didi! Too bad I wasn’t in the country when you ladies went out on a food trip. I’ve been there once this year, but your post makes me want to go back :)

  3. miss-sng says

    nice write up….im a bug big fan of global village. was able to go only once this year as im currently out of town. definitely plan to return there once i’m back. so yes….somebody wants to go to GV with u…lol