My 1st Un-bottling: Connie’s Kitchen Gourmet Tuyo

Fresh off the plane from Manila!

If gadget geeks and freaks get to enjoy unboxing the latest gizmo, then I can also enjoy my brand of unboxing: foodie style! In this blog, you will enjoy a series of un-bottling of my most favorite food items / ingredients. And this is my very first un-bottling post! The very first food item to jumpstart my un-bottling series is a homegrown favorite, Connie’s Kitchen Gourmet Tuyo (dried herring).

Tuyo is actually a humble poor man’s breakfast fare, which my father fondly coins as the “Filipino bacon” with a similar level of salt in it. One salty tuyo fish is enough to get a hungry man through two heaping cups of rice! So this wee fish packs quite a salty punch! But this bottle is the gourmetisized version of the poor Filipino man’s breakfast fare, boneless tuyo fillets swimming in olive oil infused with garlic, secret spices and chili peppers. Ahhh…I am actually salivating as I write this post. Un-bottling…let’s get it on!

This brand has a signature recycled paper cover over the bottle.

I just struggle a bit to get to the bottle by snipping off the abaca (Can somebody confeeerm this?), which wraps the paper top.

Then I remove the rubber band....

Okay, why does this bottle have too many covers? Argh.

Finally! The bottle cap!

Darn. Other bottle sealant…It should be there for a good reason, eh?

Just a little more...

Now, unscrewing the bottle cap to get to the meat of the matter…

Tadah!!! Gourmet Tuyo Fillets!

To enjoy, simply pull some fillets from the bottle and eat with plain white rice. Best to drizzle some of the oil over the rice :-) Olive oil is healthy anyway, right?

Enter: Heavenly music with Gourmet Tuyo dream sequence!

You have the option to enjoy this with pasta. HOWEVER, due to restrictions of our apartment building (No frying of dried fish allowed OR ELSE…), I am limited to enjoying this salty, smoky, garlicky and spicy seafood treat with a cup of rice (or two). Still not bad, not bad at all…

Connie’s Kitchen Gourmet Tuyo: Successfully Un-bottled!

Delirious about delicious,


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  1. says

    I love love love tuyo! They have it here pero sobrang kati sa dila at ibang klase ang amoy. So I have to bring it in from the philippines. Thank god we don’t have the same restrictions in our place! I still love the good ol fashioned fried ones over the bottled ones. =)

    • Didi says

      I absolutely love the smell of the old fashioned tuyo…it’s a perfume for us Pinoys I guess :) But I think we’d like to keep out flat versus get booted out all for the love of tuyo. hahaha! So this one is just right for now :)

  2. says

    Roomie! Love this too! When I was pregnant I had a friend who came over bring me a box… My mom was incredulous and said mangangamoy tuyo daw ang anak ko! Hahahaha! Aside from it being uber yummy breakfast, it’s a good thing to have all the time for emergencies (i.e. walang pagkain!). Enjoy :-)

    • Didi says

      Amen! Super ok to na stash if walang pagkain or simply ayaw mo magluto :) a box???? wow inggit ako! i think I will save up for a bo para I can bring a LOT back here if ever we find ourselves in Manila for vacation

  3. Fe says

    I love this tuyo ,not salty .love love love ,i want to order where I can order with delivery here in the u.s.

  4. Fe says

    I just had 4botle right now my friend broth from the Philippines .yumyumyum I want to order a 2dozen bottle or a box .pls. Let me know where I can order online and send here with me in the u.s. Thanx a lot Connie’s kitchen you make my day.