A Liking for Laban Drink

Laban the drink.TRIVIA: Laban in Filipino means Fight.

Laban drink is one of the food discoveries I’ve stumbled upon with the help of my equally food curious Husband. Before I do a tasting of my food discoveries, I try to do a preliminary background research amongst Filipino friends, whose palates, I think, are quite close to mine. So I asked them: How does Laban taste like?

And I always get this answer:

from www.skamid.com

With that reaction, I’d think you’d know that the Laban drink has quite a sour taste. And I don’t think that my friends actually enjoyed the Laban drink. Perhaps an acquired taste, at least for us Filipinos.

But still, that did not stop me from trying it out at my very 1st Iftar at Kaleidoscope, Atlantis. It was served as one of the Ramadan drinks, which are drinks you are supposed to drink FIRST before taking a bite of any of the scrumdiddlyumptious Iftar viands. (Dear Muslim readers, again please feel free to correct me if I picked up wrong pieces of information. Thank you!) Unfortunately, since I am not Muslim, I did not follow the said practice of taking a Ramadan drink and proceeded to attacking the roast beef at the buffet line. But I did pick up a glass of Laban on the way back to the table.

Then before taking a sip of the Laban drink, I, again, asked my Filipino friends: How does Laban taste like? Of course, I got the same answer.

ASIM!!!!!!! TRIVIA: "Asim" in Filipino means sour.

That same reaction fueled my food curiosity some more, so I took a sip of the Laban drink. It wasn’t as bad as they built it up to be. Laban drink tastes just like yogurt. Milky, sour (maybe too sour for the Filipino palate) but with a salty finish.

Looks like Yoghurt drink right?

My Food epiphany: Laban drink = liquid cheese!

I now (strange for a Filipino I guess) am a Laban drink fan! I’m so glad The Husband regularly brings home Laban drink cartonsss from work. I actually do all the drinking :-) Hehehehe!

Delirious about delicious,



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    • Didi says

      It’s the best with spicy food. Neutralizes the spicy flavors :-) I also enjoy drinking it on an empty stomach. For some reason, I feel it properly lines my stomach. Not a doctor but hey that’s the general feeling

  1. roostabruce says

    During my time working in Saudi Arabia, I particularly liked cold laban poured into the same glass with cold strawbwerry juice. Many new expats made the mistake of grabbing a bottle of laban thinking they had a bottle of milk and then using it in their tea or breakfast, causing them to beleve their milk had gone off. Unfortunately, I don’t know where in Australia I can buy either laban or strawberry juice.

    • says

      Oh my! I could imagine the look on their faces when they’ve taste the laban. Hahaha! Hmmm adding laban to strawberry juice to laban sounds like a great idea :) I think I’d try that soon.