The Pressures of Newly Wed Cooking

Being Newly weds is fun...and challenging! (Photo from our Mini Cooper Bridal car)

Don’t get me wrong, but I do enjoy cooking for someone else especially for family and / or friends. I also do love cooking for my special someone, The Husband. It is one of my ultimate ways of showing him how much I love him. Okay…I need to stop myself before I get too sickeningly romantic about it and ramble on Service as my Love Language. So I will cut the cheese and go straight to the meat of the matter.

It doesn’t help that The Husband has mother, who enjoys cooking as much as I do.

The MIL is a Cooking Mama!

Or maybe even enjoys cooking more than I do. On top of that, she has years of cooking experience up her belt. Years of cooking The Husband’s favorites at that. She formed and molded The Husband’s gastronomic sensibilities. She is the Holy Grail of The Husband’s taste buds. I have to match, or at the very least come close, to the taste of her recipes because The Husband is stuck with me for the rest of his earthly life. Unfortunately, I have not gotten a hold of any of her recipes just yet. So, the recipe collection has to start NOW.

It doesn’t help that The Husband and I have very different culinary preferences.

Of course, we share the same Filipino taste buds and love some Filipino recipes. I’d like to stress on the word: some. Because we do not enjoy the exact same Filipino recipes. Since Filipino recipes are different from household to household, our families do have different interpretations of the same recipes. His favorite Adobo may not be my favorite Adobo. I think there are a gazillion Adobo recipes out there!

Apart from the disparity of Filipino tastes, we also do not enjoy the same global cuisines and intake volumes.

The Husband vs Me

I fondly call him “The American” because of his love for too much (at least in my opinion) meat and his lifelong dream of conquering the Las Vegas $5 Buffet circuit (or any eat-all-you-can buffet anywhere in the world for that matter). On the other hand, he calls me “The European” because of my love for pasta, butter, cheese and sausages; my willingness to spend for meals of bird-sized serving proportions, plus my lifelong dream of backpacking through Europe to eat.

So cooking pasta is out of the question, even if  I LOVE MY NOODLES. Sadly, The Husband is not a pasta eater. The sadder thing is my cooking expertise is more on pastas, and not home cooked Filipino food (one of The Husband’s favorites…cooking steak is easy right?).

Believe me when I say The Husband can EAT. He can finish an entire kilo (or more!) of meat all by himself in one seating. And note that this is on a daily basis, not just occasionally. So everyday, I cook like I am feeding my entire family…a big family of 8 hungry people! The good thing is I get to practice cooking. But if I don’t get to cook at minimum satisfactory level, a lot of food will go to waste :-(

It doesn’t help that The Husband lived independently in Dubai for the past 3 years, 3 months and 10 days.

Comic strip from

He’s developed his own ways and means through our tiny kitchen. This includes cooking with and consuming expired food products. I cringe at the thought. But hey, I have to love him for all that he is right?

At least, nothing in our pantry ever goes to waste. Well, as long as he doesn’t get sick for it, I am perfectly okay with it. I guess. Good thing that I threw out almost all expired food items when I did some summer cleaning when I arrived in Dubai. So the chances of my cooking expired food items is significantly less. Hopefully.

The Husband is pretty much getting used to having me around. I have my own way of doing things in the kitchen, while he has his own. Plus, I do get my way in our kitchen back home, while he sometimes insists on his own way. Well, it is his flat anyway; so I am overruled more often than not. Wahahahaha!

I guess these are all part of the getting-to-know-you stage of married couples. My Mama always said that living with another person is an entirely different ball game. She said, even if The Husband and I have known each other and have been together for 9-years, I would discover a LOT more about him. As usual, I did not listen. But hey, this proves that mothers really do know best.

So much pressure on cooking for The Husband? We’ve only been married for a month and 3 days! Part of my being extremely neurotic? Definitely. But in cooking, pressure is a good thing. Is there anything that comes out of the pressure cooker that tastes like crap? I don’t think so! Hahaha! This pressure will make me fall-off-the-bone-tender (and who doesn’t like that?!) and, of course, d-d-d-d-delicious. Bring it on!

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    • Didi says

      @ Arva: hahaha! Hanging in here! so happy to know that there is the internet now to learn many recipes with a few finger strokes. i could imagine how hard it was back then…

  1. says

    I have been married 4 years and I still haven’t gotten the right taste my Bana has been missing from my MIL’s cooking but he got use to it.

    • Didi says

      @ abigail: I think the husbands have no choice but to get used to it. Insert evil laugh here: MWAHAHAHAHA!